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50 meter 8K HDMI

Connector Type: HDMI2.1 Type A, Gold Plated
Cable: 4.8mm/CMP or CMR
Environmental: Storage Temp -40 to 85℃ / Operating Temp -20 to 70℃
Safety: CE/RoHS/FCC Class B/CISPR 32

Fiber2EU HDMI 2.1 AOC is a superior performance solution for easily extending 8K high resolution HDMI digital signals to incredible distance, Fiber2EU hybrid fiber optic technology enables a fully 8K compliant transmisstion at the same time RFI and EMI interference are kept to minimum. Fiber2EU lightweight and flexible HDMI cables are widely used in different short and long distance connections such as 8KTV, video conference, public cinema, outdoor billboard installation etc.