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Cassette for UHD

Category: Data Center (UHD)
Product Color: Black
Product Material: ABS
Origin: China
MPO to LC cassette allows users to convert Base-8 or Base-12 MPO trunk cables to Base-2 LCDX adaptors to match the transceivers of nearby switches and servers. The MPO connection at the rear of the cassette provides a high degree of flexibility. And compact design means higher density can be accommodated.

The cassette is available with low-loss (LL) or standard-loss performance depending on the application and distance. With simple inter-connect topologies, standard-loss is normally sufficient, however is longer more complex links and low loss performance may be required.
Produkt Parameter
Item Value
Dimensions(W*D*H) 89mm(3.5'')*148mm(5.8'')*12mm(0.47'')
Weight 0.1KG
Adapter Type Front
Schuttered LC - DX
Adaoter Quality Front
4(Base-9), 6(Base-12)
Adapter Colour Front
Blue, Green (APC), Aqua, Violet, Lime Green, Gray