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Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

2023-02-14 21:39
CPR certification is the EU CE certification of building materials directive, which sets out the requirements on the fire rating of cables. The EU released Regulation 2016/364 in March 2016, which specifies fire ratings and corresponding test methods for various types of construction materials (including wire and cable). Also according to the European Commission Notice 2015/C 378/03, EN 50575:2014 has officially become the harmonized standard for fire protection requirements for wire and cable for construction in July 2016, and the standard will be officially implemented from July 1, 2017.

Cable CPR certification to comply with the standard EN 50575, EN 50575 according to wire and cable heat release, burning damage length, etc. The fire rating of wire and cable is divided into: Aca, B1ca, B2ca, Cca, Dca, Eca, Fca seven levels.

The main test items and standards for fiber optic cable CPR certification include

EN ISO 1716: Total burning calorific value test

EN 60332-1-2: Vertical flame spread test

EN 50399: Heat release and smoke emission test

EN 61034-2: Burning smoke concentration test

EN 60754-2: Test for acidity of gases released during combustion

Over the years, Fibre2eu has been committed to developing better products in terms of meeting the CPR requirements of the EU countries and we are committed to more environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions. Every cable we produce has a DoP certificate to confirm that it meets the fire regulations set out in the standard.

Looking forward to our cooperation.



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